Cypress Chapel Christian Church is a Congregational Church. This means that we recognize the Headship of Christ as primary. We participate in volunteer fellowship with other like minded biblical Christ-focused churches for the purpose of mutual edification and support. We are a part of the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference. The Conference exercises no direct authority over its member churches but exists for support, fellowship, cooperative missions, outreach and educational ventures. 

The government of this church, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, is vested into the Congregation with spiritual oversight coming from the Board of Deacons, working in conjunction with the Pastor, whose authority is derived from the body of believers. Only members of our organization who are of high character and integrity, who maintain an excellent reputation, and who demonstrate leadership in our ministry may be elected as Deacons.

Each person in his or her particular role is committed to the Vision, Mission, and Values of our organization.

In short, when you find your spiritual home with us, you're finding a community for you to trust, learn from and participate in!